Get to Know Us


“Le Precis Cadeau” originates from the French language, and translates into “the Precise Gift”.
We bring you the perfect blend of the warmth of gifting and the art of precision: a memorable process to be cherished by both, the recipient and the giver! We thus hope to revolutionise gifting in the country with our unique, luxe style and thoughtful curation!



We understand the pickle you drop yourself into while trying to figure out suitable gifts for personal and corporate occasions, hence we have designed a store that gifts the true sense of your bond with innovation and precision without letting you settle for mundane envelopes of cash. 
We promise the touch of a carefully thought out Cadeau encasing would serve every purpose of an ideal gift for all your special moments!



We believe that simplicity is the ulitmate sophistication, and once acquanted with out products, you’re sure to agree!  


Every element has been specially crafted to live up to the Cadeau artistry and reverence for beauty and elegance.


Cadeau beleives in muted, unassuming design that creates magic in the subtlest way.


 Abhinav Kapoor
 Founder & Product Designer


 Abhinav Kapoor a profound and experienced product designer who is keen on creativity and precision. His skills as a meticulous conceptualiser and his love for travelling and innovation keeps the European feel alive giving Le Precis Cadeau an everlasting edge.


 Aakriti Malhotra

 Creative Head & Co- Founder

Aakriti’s tryst with design can’t be traced back to a particular moment; she has been in love with it since  before she knew what it meant. Over the years, a personal inclination towards fashion and design gave way to a professional pursuit. As the Creative head of Le Precis Cadeau, she handpicks each product and carefully curates the perfect gift hamper for you.