Flower care


Caring for your Cadeau flower bouquet is simple. Follow these few steps to safeguard durable arrangements of your flowers

  1. Be careful when moving your bouquet

Handle the Cadeau vessels with care. Be watchful of the surface area of the cages in order ensure the flowers have space to breathe. It is vital to ensure that flowers remain hydrated while they are being moved from one spot to another.

  1. Avoid Heat and direct sunlight

Search for a spot that is balmy and cozy. Keep the bunch away from windowsills and extreme heat and sunlight

  1. Keep Cadeau Hydrated

We recommend hydrating the bouquets at regular intervals to prevent your flowers from wilting. Cutting your rose stems at an angle of 3 cm with garden pruners will help increase the longevity of the flowers

  1. The secret Ingredient

Preparing a nutritious mixture for your bouquets with cool water and specially formulated foods shall make the Cadeau blossom!

  1. Peel Away the layers

Removing the outer layers as soon as they wilt might result in renewed petals keeping the Cadeau as new and fresh!

  1. Let your florets breathe!

Let the florets breathe in nutrition and breathe out beautiful colors and fragrances to make your life feel aromatic.